EQT-Solutions – Partnership for successful production ramp down

We are a reliable, efficient partner in industrial equipment retail. We supply high quality industrial surplus equipment and accessories at competitive prices, smoothly and wherever you need them.


> We provide production line and plant decommissioning-related services from implementation to completion and asset sales.

> The collaboration can involve a fully outsourced ramp down, or only certain phases.

> We also provide consultation and expertise for ramp down projects.


Ramp down professional will save you time and money

Regardless of whether the production ramp down is temporary or permanent, a successful project execution requires managing various inter-related procedures and expertise. Punctual scheduling and competent resourcing are the foundation, but understanding the applicable legislation, financial impacts and having skills in after-sales marketing are extremely important as well.

For most companies, maintaining the resources necessary for ramp downs is practically impossible, or at the very least, economically unviable. The best way to cut costs and avoid costly errors is to collaborate with an experienced professional. Outsourcing ramp downs also enables your company to focus on the optimal allocation of its own resources.

Our ramp down service covers project management, consultation and the operational procedures provided by flexible combinations, which our clients can select according to their needs.

The best way to ensure the smoothest and most financially beneficial results for ramp downs is by employing our services during the planning stage. We will help you to map out your current business situation in order to find the best path forward according to your needs. At the opposite end of the spectrum, EQT-Solutions can handle the entire ramp down process, or simply act as an adviser.

Our ability to handle extremely challenging projects is based on our extensive experience of ramp downs in various production environments. Among our core strengths are project management expertise and our network of certified partners, who meet the necessary regulatory and environmental requirements.


Mapping current status and options

  • Observations regarding financial impacts, legislation and regulatory provisions
  • Asset reselling options and related financing models
  • Internal needs assessment
  • Staff sale
  • Targeted sale
  • Recycling
  • Scrapping
  • Storing

Defining the selected option

> Defining the roles and responsibilities of the parties
> Resale financing model (e.g. whether EQTS will procure the assets or broker them based on a commission fee)
> Other content of the commission

  • Agreement

Operational implementation

  • Inventory
  • Production line decommissioning
  • Property asset removal
  • Asset sale
    > Resale
    > In-house sale
    > Staff sale
    > Targeted sale
  • Other handling
    > Storing, recycling and scrapping
  • After-care (cleaning, etc.)
  • Staff relocation arrangements

Decommissioning-related arrangements are always handled on a case-specific basis. The best results are achieved by collaboratively mapping measures pursuant to your objectives.



Resale can be handled locally and/or globally via our partner network.


EQTS may procure assets due for immediate sale at its own risk, broker them for a commission fee, or the sales profits can be divided as agreed during a later stage.


Needs assessment carried out on group level may help determine, for example, relocation sites within the group’s locations domestically or abroad. Targeted sale involves selling assets to an agreed target group.


Recyclable material is handled according to relevant legislation and with respect to environmental issues. Confidential material (hard drives, etc.) are carefully disposed of via certified processes.


Decommissioning services can, for example, be combined with staff relocation arrangements.  



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