EQT-Solutions / Financing

We are looking to participate in building business success by, for example, helping growth companies and developers of promising business ideas with our experience and expertise.

If your company is looking for assistance from an outside party that is dedicated to ensuring your success, we are always ready to meet and jointly and confidentially assess the potential for collaboration.

Assistance and financing for companies seeking growth

We are open to collaboration regardless of the sector size or foundations of your company. While companies with business ideas or those entering a growth stage are typically looking for partnership and financing, we also see potential in more established companies, for example, those looking to enter international markets.

When we find an interesting partner, we will collaborate by investing our expertise, input and, if necessary, by providing financing. Please contact us at your convenience!

EQT-Solutions has partnered with companies, such as, Remotec Oy, Hublet Oy and EQT Trading Oy.