EQT-Solutions / Equipment trade

We are a reliable, efficient partner in industrial equipment trade. We supply high quality industrial surplus equipment and accessories at competitive prices, smoothly and wherever you need them.

Please find our latest list of high quality equipment

Measurement equipment

Our key product area focuses on product development and production measurement equipment, e.g. for EMC and RF measurement. All equipment we sell undergo our internal inspection process*. If you are looking to test the equipment before making a decision, this can be done at EQT-Solutions’ facilities or, upon agreement, we can ship the equipment for testing at your own facilities.

As additional services, we also provide calibration for measurement equipment and a 1-year guarantee for certain equipment. Calibration and guarantees are handled by equipment manufacturers.

* Electric and visual inspection, and BIST and BIT tests.

Other industrial equipment and parts

We also sell other industrial equipment and assets, including packaging and assembly lines and furniture. Check our current stock for our up-to-date range of products. If a product you are looking is not currently in stock, please contact us and submit a procurement query. Our network enables us to search for equipment all over the world.

On-site sales

During transfer or ramp down business operations and decommissioning plants, assets (office furniture, product lines, etc.) are often sold directly on site. For more information on upcoming on-site sales events, please send us your contact information.

We buy quality inventories

We procure quality surplus equipment and systems, even entire assets, for example, during the decommissioning of plants.